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Learn about how DFC has
applied social and analytic
technologies for education

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See how we’ve reduced
infrastructure costs for
our clients

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Witness DFC at the forefront
of implementing social and
analytic technology to help
sufferers of PTSD and other
mental illnesses.

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We are your IBM ICS licensing
experts…from auditing for
compliance to reducing your
licensing costs based on
newer plans

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Welcome to telephony of tomorrow, DFC Telephony. DFC telephony utilizes your businesses existing internet connection to create a reliable, flexible, and robust telephone solution that has limitless potential for your business use.


Keeping up with technology is a full time job. Allow us to manage your technology requirements so that you can focus on your core competencies and get ahead of the game— Let us transform your business.


DFC International is your all in one outsourced IT department. However, because we don’t do a rip and replace model when dealing with your